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Geraldine Moran

Geraldine Moran

Geraldine is a life coach with a wealth of life experiences under her belt. She started her professional career as a solicitor, then moved to Psychology and gained a Masters of Analytical Psychology.

Geraldine trained as a Life Coach with Beyond Success, and found that assisting people to drive beyond their perceived limits and achieve their goals is not only fulfilling but it is rewarding and challenging. In all of these endeavours helping other people has been at the heart of Geraldine’s motivation; leaving a legacy beyond her lifespan is a driving passion.

Through her company Oz Spectrum Success Coaching she is helping people achieve their life dreams and is looking to expand this to assist children and their families and youth at risk – www.OzSpectrumSuccessCoaching.com

Geraldine is also privileged to have been one of the Co authors with Paul Blackburn in his book, “Monkey See Monkey Don’t”.

Geraldine has long had a fascination with Miracles and this book was originally going to be a PhD thesis. After letting the idea sit for a while, Geraldine decided that writing a book would enable her thoughts to reach a much wider audience.

Geraldine would love to hear about your own stories of Miracles so please contact her via email – geraldine@MiraclesorCoincidences.com

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