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Australian author, Geraldine Moran, doesn’t just hope for miracles, she finds them in the stories of everyday people, celebrities and celebrated Australians.

Her new book, Miracles or Coincidences, relates these stories and is a must read for those who are inspired or who are looking for inspiration.

“So many of us trudge through life hoping that one day we will come across a miracle,” Geraldine says.

“In Miracles, I show people that miracles are all around us, every day, and I show people how to recognise and harness the power of these phenomena.”

Geraldine is not one of life’s takers – she has worked with adults with disabilities and those who have suffered from strokes and cancer and helps people through their personal journeys. Geraldine now works as a life coach and still finds time to offer her services free to people in need.

As a solicitor, Geraldine decided that she wanted to help people to live life in ways that avoided them needing the services of a solicitor and so she gained her Masters in Analytical Psychology so that she could help people learn life skills.

“Working with people from diverse backgrounds to help them achieve their personal and professional goals is incredibly self-rewarding,” Geraldine says.

“Everybody deserves to know how to navigate through life and be empowered to live the life of their dreams.”

“I have seen the effect of miracles and Miracles will show the way for everyone to believe.”

Through Miracles you will learn –

  • Miracles do happen
  • How to live life in the moment and experience miracles
  • What a miracle is and how can one happen to you
  • 7 steps to recognise and harness the power of miracles
  • What miracles are happening around us everyday
  • Recognise the power blocks that are holding you back
  • 7 steps to empower the life of your dreams

“Miracles is a celebration of the best of life, sometimes in the worst of times. I look forward to sharing it with everyone who believes, or wants to believe in the power of miracles.”

Best-selling author of the Mr Millionaire book Fiona Jones says it is inspiring to read the stories of people who have had miracles happen in their own lives.

“Miracles do happen when you live life in the slipstream, and Geraldine summarises the seven steps to achieve this brilliantly,” Fiona says. “She explores in one book the secrets that have taken me years of searching to find. Read and follow the (M.I.R.A.C.L.E) steps and watch the doors of your wildest dreams open wide.”

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